Animation Frustration

It’s been a few days since my last blog and so far this weeks been manic. I have two major projects in the works at the moment. The first being the Major / Minor animation I talked about in my previous post. This hasn’t progressed too far as I’m stuck trying to animate a mouse pointer to pick up some text and fluidly drop it in a new position. Sounds easy, actually quite hard to implement! Anyway that’s todays challenge. 


The second project I’m working on is a course film for our Post Graduate Creative Writing course. I filmed the first interview with the programme leader a few weeks back but started work on the edit this week. The interview was shot in a tiny little translation lab with a Canon 5D Mark II, a cheapo kino flow style light with the audio recorded using a Rode NTG2 boom and blimp kit. Really basic set up but gets the job done. The interview went really well and I have some great clips.


The first part of the editing completed this week was the initial colour grade. For this I used DaVinci Resolve. First time for me as I normally use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6’s built in colour correction tools. Resolve took a little getting used to but had such powerful control over the image. I haven’t added a full grade to the image but have lifted the footage to pull out the colour, contrast, luminance and sharpness. This was exported and pulled into Premiere yesterday. The next bit was syncing the audio and visuals up. Really easy as we used a clap to lead each take. When I edit I normally cut the interview up into chunks of answer, trimming out the questions and pauses. This makes it much easier to find an answer when I’m laying down content on the master track. 


I have noticed on the 5D footage an odd exposure flicker, at first I thought this was an export issue in Resolve but  the problem exists in the original camera exports too. Will have to review this before the next shoot. 

Right, back to animating I go! 







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